Who are you?

 Photo by Andrew Howell

Photo by Andrew Howell

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Arts and Cultures, 2017. I turned my film degree into largely a post-production and writing degree, and worked in scenic carpentry for three years.

I like comic books, bar trivia, sitcoms, making playlists, and drive a very very old very very precious station wagon. Currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


I do: narrative editing, abstract editing, color correction, audio mixing, audio editing, scenic design, animation, game development

I make: murder mystery parties, music videos, advertisements, projection, set pieces

I write: advertisements, short features, games, adaptations of existing work, general commissions


I want to make things for you.
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References, additional works, testimonials and further contact details available upon request.